When small businesses thrive, the world will be a better place!

Lemon Umbrella was founded to help small business owners, just like you, the makers, the doers, and the go-getters, who need support to turn their dreams in to reality.

About Shannon

I started my career in high school at a unique retail shop, Hats In the Belfry, where I learned the value of creating an experience around your product. I hustled through a degree in Marketing at Temple University and when I got in to the working world, I knew nothing could stop me once I figured out a big business idea. I worked in operations, marketing, and sales and learned the ins and outs of growing a business, building a team, and navigating the challenges that come with serving the public.

Then it hit me! A BIG small business idea. I would open an indoor cycling studio and crush it in the boutique fitness world. I knew nothing about fitness instruction, never negotiated a lease, barely figured out how to get a business license, and went through 3 accountants before I found one who spoke my language. I worked a 40-hour day job while working on my business and opened with incredible community support. That business took less than 6 months to become profitable, and was recognized in Richmond Magazine as the “Best Start Up” in 2014.

There is nothing small about your small business.

What I discovered in my first adventure in business ownership is that I have a unique set of skills in problem solving, inspiring, and connecting with people. I use these to support my clients who find themselves overwhelmed, unfocused, or simply needing a fresh perspective and ideas.

I want to help you do more of what you love in your business while achieving those big scary dreams.

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