10 Ways to Attract New Customers


Is this you? Your business operation is rock solid, your service offering is one of a kind, and now you just need people to know about you.  

What I am going to share with you today are 10 Ways to Attract New Customers. I will preface this list by explaining these are not quick fixes. They are NOT marketing "tricks" or "hacks". This is a comprehensive list of low cost marketing activities that require effort, but will undoubtedly provide leads to new business.  Here goes:


  • Check your listings – Make sure any aggregate website (think: Yelp, Google Business Pages, etc) has a profile that is completely filled in, with highest quality images, and up to date contact information.


  • Networking – Get out of your office and meet some people!! Networking groups could be sources of leads, but don’t stop there. Be friendly in line at the grocery store, at your kid’s soccer game, at church, and anywhere else that you are already going. Customer leads can come from anywhere.


  • Referrals – The most valuable asset any business has is its reputation. If you have happy customers, more will follow, and if you ask your happy customers for referrals, more will follow faster. Don’t be shy to ask your satisfied customers to help spread the word about what you do.


  • Collaborations – Working with other local businesses that serve a similar type of client is an opportunity to cross promote and foster a sense of community. Whether you work together on a marketing campaign, an event, or offer a combo package of services, the more creative the better!


  • Samplings – There is a reason that restaurants and shops host free wine tastings, and it is not because the owners are feeling generous. It is because a free taste will get people interested in a product that they have most likely never heard of before, and it increases sales. Think of a creative way to get a sample of what you do in front of a new set of potential customers.


  • Events – Events can be as big as a block party, or as small as a gathering of some key influencers. Any way to create excitement about your business in the form of people showing up is a great way to reach a new audience. This can mean your attendance at an already existing event, or hosting an event of your own.


  • Press/Media Relations – If you are hosting an event, or collaborating, or offering something for free, you are going to want people to know about it. That is where press and media relations come in handy. Make a list of local online publications and check to see which ones have free calendar listings. Post about your happenings on the calendar for free. And do not underestimate the power of a good old press release.


  • Facebook/Instagram Ads – Let’s face it, the social media game is pay to play these days.  That’s the bad news, but the good news is that Facebook and Instagram currently have excellent demographic targeting and very affordable ads when compared with traditional media. Test out some promoted posts and consider investing resources in learning how to more effectively use social media ads.


  • Pay per click – A very common online advertising option is pay-per-click (think Google Adwords). If you have a very specific type of service that people will be Googling for, this could be a smart investment.


  • Traditional Paid Advertising – There are plenty of tried and true means of attracting new customers including, radio, print, and television advertising. The investment in dollars is greater, but the reach is often broader.


I hope you find some inspiration from this list, and choose a few activities to make a difference in the new customers coming to your business.