2 Lists You Should Write Every Day

Are you a list lover? I use an app to keep my to-dos and my grocery lists on my phone. Every time I check something off, a little chime goes off and that sounds is music to my ears and heart.
But this email isn’t about to-dos or groceries. It is about a new habit I started a few months ago that has been a real game-changer.

I pulled out an old notebook and started writing down two lists every day.
List #1: Every morning I write out my goals.
I take a few minutes to physically write down my goals, the little ones for the day and the big ones for the future. This gives me a sense of purpose and serves as a guide when things come up that simply don’t line up with the list. Many things on the list are the same each day, but some things change, and that is totally ok. I use the prompts (That I got from the book, "Get Rich Lucky Bitch": What do I want to Do, Have, and Be
List #2: Every evening I write out a list of gratitude.
Even though I have big dreams for my future, I want to stay grounded in the present and this gratitude list helps me do just that. I write out 10 things I am grateful for and why. They are often things like my kids and my husband, but every day is different. I try to add new things to the list as often as I can, big things like my ability to support my family doing work that I love and small things like clean sheets setting me up for great sleep.
The practice of keeping two lists supports me in focusing on what I really want (which helps me avoid distractions) and keeps me grounded in knowing that I am already incredibly blessed and fulfilled.
If you love lists, give these two a try.