3 Simple Tricks To Sending Emails That Increase Sales


If you know me, you know I am a huge advocate for email marketing.  

But honestly, even if you create the absolute most perfect email for each and every customer, none of that matters if no one is opening them.


It really is no secret, the trick to getting your emails opened is writing awesome subject lines. That little line of text in your customer’s inbox will determine if they click the open button in most scenarios.


So here are three ways to write better subjects for your email, broken down in a formula that you can totally copy. (I did.)


  1. Convince them that people they respect have this information

FOMO is real, people. No one wants to be the only one who doesn’t know something that important people know. I will use the example of this very topic to show you what I mean. Here are 3 examples of subject lines about writing better subjects for emails:


How marketing experts write emails that increase sales

Why Pottery Barn gets better email open rates than you

The secret successful businesses use when sending emails


See what I did there? I told you that important people are using the information contained in this email to improve their email open rates and you should, too!


  1. Make them a promise they cannot refuse

If you make a promise, and you keep it, people will trust you. This is a win-win for email strategy. A promissory email subject about this topic would look something like this:


3 simple tips to sending emails that increase sales (Sound familiar?)

How we increased email open rates by 25%

Learn to write emails that get opened in under 5 minutes


  1. Scare them in to opening your email

And finally, you know that Americans love a good scare (hello, American Horror Story junkies). We will do just about anything to avoid being afraid of things. A “threat” email subject line about this topic would look something like this:


Warning: Don’t send another email until you read this

Are your emails pissing off your clients?

The big lie about email marketing


Now you try. Pick a topic and create a few subject lines using these easy to follow formulas. Plug them in to your valuable emails and watch your open rates increase!


And guess what happens when your email open rates increase? You build better relationships with your customers because they trust you, value your opinion, and appreciate you looking out for them by sending all this good stuff. They then want to buy more things from you and tell their friends about you, because they like and trust you.


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