4 Things You Need On Your Website


If you are starting a business, designing a website is one of the first big projects you tackle. It is essential to getting the word out about your business, and should be your virtual brochure to attract new clients/customers.  

Website design can be very confusing and complicated, but it doesn’t have to be. I am a believer, that you do not need a fancy schmacy website to attract your ideal customers, but you do need a few very important things to make sure you are using your website to its fullest potential.


A Call to Action – Convert Your Customers

Probably the most important thing that is happening on your website, is interested people are becoming your customers. You need to make this insanely easy and seamless. If you are selling something directly from your site, the shopping function needs to be front and center. If you are not selling directly online, it needs to be absolutely clear, what the next steps are to become a client. Think about the steps a person has to take to go from your website to becoming a customer, and make that front and center on your site.


About Section – Tell Your Story

No matter what type of business you have, there should always always always be an “About” section of your website. Always! It doesn’t have to be a novel. In fact, it should be short and succinct, but it has got to be there. Think of it as a look behind the curtain at the amazing people making it all happen. Do you know the best way to connect with humans? Be a human!! (I am assuming your business sells to humans.)


Links to your Social Media Pages - That Work!

If you are doing all the work to create engaged and thoughtful social media (which you most definitely should be), you want anyone who is interested in your business to be able to find them. I am always blow away by the number of websites who do not have Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram linked correctly from their website. Check and double check that your links work and are in a place where people can find them.


Easy to Find Contact Info – Be Available

Having a completely separate contact page is not always necessary, but it is important that if clients need to be in touch, they can easily do so. It is also very helpful to communicate the timeline for when they will receive a response. For example, if you are not available by phone except for a few hours a day that should be communicated. If you reply to emails during traditional business hours only, that is helpful to communicate. If you prefer one method of communication to another, specify that on your site. The best way to not disappoint customers is to outline clear expectations. I respond to all email inquiries within 48 hours and communicate that via my website and in auto-responses. It lets my potential clients know that I am not replying around the clock and gives them a timeline to go by.

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