5 Simple Steps To Setting Monthly Goals

For the past 6 months, I have gone through a simple goal setting exercise each and every month. As a result, I have seen amazing productivity and focus. I have increased my coaching business revenue, launched a stress busting email series, hosted 2 networking events, produced content on a consistent schedule, created and launched a video interview series, and made progress on a completely new business venture that I hope to launch at the end of this year (details coming soon). Oh, and did I mention, I did all of this working just 20 hours per week, while still prioritizing my personal time, family time, time with friends, and even a little traveling in there?

Pretty awesome, right?
Here is what to do:
Step #1: Set Aside Your Time
Take 15 minutes (seriously, that is all you need) to sit down, relax and focus on making your goals. Use the following prompts to get really clear on your plans for the upcoming month.
Step #2: Celebrate Successes
What would you consider a success last month? Taking a moment to recognize your progress will help you see more clearly what you can accomplish for your future.
Step #3: Find Your Focus
What 2-3 areas of your business do you want to focus on this month? Get really clear on your priorities for the next 30 days. Keep the timeline in mind when setting these areas of focus.
Step #4 Make a Mini-Plan
Brain-dump a few important tasks to achieve these goals. Write them down and then rank them in order of importance.
Step #5: Set Intentions
Think about how you want to feel while working through these tasks this month and how you want to feel next month during this reflection and check-in time.
Got all that? Here are a few more tips for successful goal planning:

  • Set specific time for goal planning
  • Write it down
  • Plan with a buddy
  • Make sure goals align with your big vision and personal priorities

I have found that I accomplish more in less time with way fewer distractions because I am checking in more often with my priorities. This does not mean I achieve my goals and check off every task every month, but most months I do, because I can more realistically plan in smaller blocks of time. Give it a try, all you have to lose if 15 minutes and a sheet of paper!

Happy planning!