5 Things You Should Stop Doing (If You Want to be Successful)

Your inbox and newsfeeds are probably getting flooded with ideas on new habits to adopt, new practices to put in place, and all these extra things you could be/should be doing in 2017 to take your business to the next level.

This list is the opposite of that. This is not the time to make a New Year’s Resolution for your small business. This is the time to start making space for your growth and the only way to make space it to get rid of stuff that you don’t need anymore, habits included.

This is a list of my 5 favorite things that I stopped doing in 2016 that made my marketing coaching business way more successful than I even planned.
1. Stop comparing your success to the (perceived) success of others.
The best advice ever given to me was a few months before I opened my first business. I was stressed because a competitor with more experience would be opening down the street and I was freaked that they were already “successful”. I was not confident that I could compete. A very wise business owner told me that unless I have reviewed their financials and knew their entire back story, there was no way for me to know if they were or were not successful. They could have lots of smiling clients on Instagram, but be drowning in debt, have no concept of running a profitable business, or be running this business just for fun or a side project to stay busy, but didn’t have financial savvy. You have no idea what goes on behind the scenes of your competitors, so don’t assume they are all doing better than you (even if they try to make you believe that).

2. Stop spending time on activities that are not contributing to your growth.
At the beginning of this year, I was spending a lot of time on social media. I thought I would be attracting new clients that way, but it turned out that most of my business would come through referrals and networking. I didn’t need to spend 10 plus hours a week on Facebook if not one client found me on Facebook. So I took a break, put my efforts towards the lead generating activities that produced good quality leads from business owners that I wanted to work with and my business continued to grow.

3. Stop reading “how to” books from experts.
Information overload is a very real thing and I can easily get distracted by too much inspiration. Instead of reading a bunch of books on building a successful business, I simply started doing, making mistakes, and asking questions of successful people in my circle. Reading is great, but doing is even better. Trial and error is a great way to learn.

4. Stop trying to do everything by yourself.
This was a big lesson for me for this year. You cannot do it all, all the time! Putting people around you to support whether it is family, friends, staff, or coaches is the only way to grow. This year I was determined to build my team both personally and professionally. I have never felt more supported in my life. This has allowed me to actually enjoy the success of my business.

5. Stop wasting energy worrying through what-if scenarios.
Because this was my first year working completely solo as a freelancer business coach, I had no idea what seasonality would do to my business. Would I have no client work in December? If one client ended a contract, would I have someone to fill it? I started with these worries, but realized very quickly, that worrying does absolutely nothing. I decided to surrender. I spent time each month working on developing relationships, providing the best possible support to my clients, and growing myself. I have been very lucky, that not one month this year did my income dip below my goal. No worries needed.
You could probably come up with a few things you are doing that you could completely abandon. Make your list!