5 Ways to Stay Focused When There Are A Billion Distractions


Do you ever feel like you have been busy all day, but haven’t gotten anything done?

Are you exhausted at the end of your workday?

Are you simply not feeling accomplished at the end of your week?

If you answer yes to any of these questions, you are 100% normal. These are problems that so many of us struggle with and a lot of the reason for these feelings of tiredness and dissatisfaction are because of unchecked distractions.
With today’s technology, there are endless ways we can distract ourselves and we are doing it even when we don’t realize. In the grocery store line (or worse at a red light) reaching for our phones, sitting through a television show we don’t even like, or scrolling and scrolling and scrolling through the social media platform of our liking, looking for “hits” when a like or a comment come through.
It doesn’t have to be this way, and here are a few super easy ways to pull yourself out of the distraction fog.
Social Media Detox – Turn it all off for a weekend! I just did this and it felt amazing. I promised myself that I would not open any social media app, or check my email, or text for the entire weekend (Friday-Sunday). The first day, I realized how often I compulsively reach for my phone in down moments. After the weekend I felt refreshed and didn’t miss a damn thing.
CEO Date – This practice I learned from Racheal Cook, and it is a way to set your week up for success. Spend 15-30 minutes each Monday morning deciding what YOU want to work on for the week. Don’t jump in to your Monday checking voicemails or emails or responding to the needs of others. Set the tone for your week and your day by deciding what is important for you to do, do it, and then you can see what the world needs from you.
Work with a Coach – Shiny objects (new ideas and distractions) are a real problem for entrepreneurs. But, if you have committed to work with someone on specific goals, you are more likely to see those through to the end.  There is no better way to stay accountable then to pay someone to hold you to it. This is why people who regularly work out with personal trainers stay more committed and see results faster. The same is true for your business.
Scheduled email checks – I said it before, but I cannot say it enough. Emails, Facebook Messenger, text messages, and the like, pull you out of the present moment and are MAJOR distractions. We live in a time where the boundaries are blurred and people expect an immediate response, but I am here to say, that if you set aside specific times that you check-in rather than allow open access to you all the time, the world will not crumble and people will still like you. That email will be there when you are ready to check it. I promise.
Notifications OFF – Dopamine is messing with your head. Literally, dopamine is an organic chemical that plays an important role in the brain. It is released during pleasurable situations. Food, sex, and drugs are the most discussed stimulants of dopamine release, but guess what! You get a little hit every time a notification goes off on your phone. Too many hits and you could very well become addicted to this distraction. Get in that phone of yours are turn off those pop ups, rings, tings, vibrations, and the little red alerts that come on when there is something to distract you.

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