6 Ways to Feel Confident In Your Small Business Marketing


The number one thing I want for each and every client (and friend) of mine, is true confidence. I want them to feel that they are spending energy on the right things that move them forward and not wasting time and resources.  

What I have learned from my experience as an entrepreneur and working with other entrepreneurs is that perception and reality are not always the same thing. We live in little bubbles where our challenges can seem bigger than they are. Plus, we often don’t give ourselves the credit we deserve for creating something from nothing.


So in order to boost confidence in your business and your marketing efforts, here are six ways to feel inspired, grateful, and focused.


Have a plan with realistic goals – 90-Day goals are my favorite, but as a futuristic thinker, I sometimes get ahead of myself. Big dreams are great, but they must be broken down in to short-term execution steps that are reasonable and realistic. If you aren’t posting anything on social media, don’t set your goal for 14 posts per week. Start with 4 posts per week and grow from there. By giving yourself a realistic goal with a deadline, you will be more focused and effective in your actions.


Carve out time to work on it – The quickest way to defeat is to run into battle without a strategy. If you are just getting started in actively marketing your business, you must set aside time to focus your efforts. Whether it is one hour a day or a block of time at the beginning of your week, put this appointment on your calendar as you would any other important meeting. Create an agenda with your goals in mind, and stick to it even when other things come up. It is time to work on your business, not for your business.


Stop comparing – There is a very real difference between being inspired and comparing our efforts to others. You have no idea what is on the books of those businesses that seem to have it all together via social media. A beautiful Instagram feed does not equal a profitable business. Focus on your efforts and progress without being distracted by those around you who you think are doing it better.


Thank a customer – Saying thank you to your customers whether in person, in an email, a hand written note, or by engaging with them on social media will open up a two-way conversation. Two-way conversations lead to genuine feedback (and often praise) that is the perfect way to boost confidence and to see what your actual customers value about your experience.


Celebrate your successes – Often times, we only focus on what there is still left to accomplish without reflecting on what we have already done that has worked. I recommend a gratitude practice for every small business owner. At the end of the week write down 3 marketing tasks (or business building tasks) that you did well. Give yourself a pat on the back for that!


Phone a friend – It might seem like you are fishing for compliments, but a real friend will have no problem telling you what they respect and admire about you and your business. When you need a boost, ask one, “What is something that I have done in my business that you admire?” Then do more of that thing and thank your friend for the great advice.