Answer these 3 questions to make your website 1000% better

A thoughtfully designed website is one of the most important marketing tools for a small business. This is the place where people can learn directly from you, what you do, how you do it and what that means for them.

This seems like a simple task, but so many business owners (even marketers) struggle to do this in a way that resonates with their ideal customers.

I see time and time again businesses struggling to convey a clear message on their website which ends up confusing potential customers.

I understand the struggle. It is hard to talk about ourselves. It can be difficult to narrow in on why we are special because we do different things for different people and we don’t want to miss out on the one person looking for something specific, so we throw the answer to every question any one has ever asked up about our business leaving our websites cluttered and confusing.

Here is how to stop doing that.

All you have to do is make sure these 3 questions are answered on the MAIN PAGE of your website:

What do you do?

Who are your customers?

What problem do you solve for them?

Bonus Question: Why do you do the work that you do?

Here is an example using my own website, I literally copied and pasted these from the text on my main page.

What do I do?

“Provide small business owners with inspiration, guidance, and support to grow their business”

“I customize and personalize my approach with every client”


Who are my customers?

“Entrepreneurs and small business owners”


What problem do you solve for them?

“Attract a tribe of passionate patrons”

“Grow a successful business”

“Feel empowered, inspired, and confident that you have the tools needed to grow”


Why do I do the work the way that I do?

(In the video) “When I opened my first business, I wish there was someone like me to walk me through this process”


Think this only works for businesses like mine? See a few more examples below:


Retail: The Gap

When you google “The Gap” the link reads: “Gap: Shop Clothes For Women, Men, Baby, and Kids”, answering my first two questions before you even land on the page!


What they do?

Allow you to shop


Who are their customers?

Women, Men, Baby, and Kids (also clearly listed in their navigation and in their top placement of blocks on the site)


What problem do they solve?

“You can have it all”

“It’s time for something new”

“Because candy and chocolates can’t compete with new and now. Perfect gifts for youand yours found here.” (Yes, it really says that.)


Services: Oh So Clean

One of my favorite clients has a really simple website, but she hits the nail on the head by answering these questions on her website, which has helped her to attract her ideal clients.


What they do?

Residential Cleaning and Organizing Services


Who are their customers?

Busy families


What problem do they solve?

Allows one the ability to find more personal time, family time, and structure within an otherwise hectic world.


Food: The Tobacco Company Restaurant

Another long-time client, a fine dining restaurant in Richmond Virginia is a good example of how this can work for a food service business that can serve people in a number of ways.


What they do?

Provide Richmond’s premier dining experience

Serve contemporary American Cuisine

Provide an unforgettable experience


Who are their customers?

Both natives and travelers to the South


What problem do they solve?

Accommodate your large groups for a special celebration

Customize an experience suited for your occasion