Building A Solid Business Takes Time {Video Interview}

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When I met Patrick Murtaugh and Eric McKay, the cofounders of Hardywood Park Craft Brewery, they were just getting the word out about their new production facility opening in Richmond, VA.  At the time there was only one other brewery operating in Richmond, so this was exciting news!

I had no idea that these two were planning to literally change the laws of Virginia, allowing their facility to become a mecca and beer destination in just a few short years, churning out incredible beers and amazing events. They continue to be one of Richmond’s most popular breweries with ongoing events, beer releases, and national recognition.

We sat down to talk about how they got started, long before they were introducing Hardywood to the public, and about their journey from two guys who loved beer to two successful business owners working on multimillion dollar expansion plans.

In the video portion of our interview we chatted through:

  • The work that went in to starting their business long before the business plan was ever written
  • How craft beer is making an impact on retail and tourism
  • How national recognition from Beer Advocate Magazine early on made a big difference in building credibility in the national beer scene
  • How special events at the brewery impact sales in the market
  • What still makes them nervous
  • What they learned from missteps early on in their business
  • Advice for people who are just starting their business

NEW!! Listen to the full podcast interview to learn EVEN MORE about the role Hardywood played in passing game changing legislation, how they have partnered with local organizations to get in front of people who may have never tried their beers, and what’s next for Hardywood including their newly opened Charlottesville outpost and the brewery/restaurant/entertainment destination currently under construction in Goochland, VA.