Favorite FREE Marketing Tools


I have always subscribed to the “fake it until you make it” mantra when it comes to just about every project I tackle. When I started working in marketing, I knew nothing about graphic design, took terrible photos, and was less than organized. Today, I am happy to report that I am still a design novice, take terrible photos, and have to work on my organization skills daily, but I have found a bunch of free tools that make these things a little more bearable.  


Picmonkey is my favorite online photo editing go to! Like I said, I am not a designer. I don’t know anything about Photoshop, or Adobe, and can barely use Microsoft Picture Viewer. In my first marketing job, I used to edit photos in PowerPoint. Crazy, I know! When I am working with an image on my computer (not on my phone) I always use picmonkey.com. You can crop, resize, add overlays, and text over your photos in a free and easy to use program that is all online. No downloads required.



Canva is another online editing program that requires no download, but does have a login, which allows you to save your work both online and on your computer. Canva is great for creating those motivation quote images you see all over Instagram and Pinterest, plus other graphic images like posters, letterhead, infographics and more. A ton of their templates are free and they recently launched a new series of tutorials to help you learn design essentials.



Hootsuite is my favorite social media management tool. It allows you to have all of your social media channels live on a dashboard and is the best scheduling tool that I have used. I am a huge advocate of scheduling your social media content in advance, so that you don’t have to spend all day every day worrying about what is getting posted. Hootsuite also makes it easy to shorten links and respond to messages all in one place. You can even schedule Instagram posts through Hootsuite! This is a very recent and life changing situation for those marketers who are good about planning ahead.



VSCO is a photo-editing app that I only recently discovered after completing an online workshop specifically on Instragam for businesses. I think I mentioned that I am the worst photographer ever, so this app is very helpful for me. I use it to brighten and tighten my crappy iphone photos. It has a ton of features, but once you dig in, it is pretty straight forward. The instructor of the workshop I completed recommended to find your perfect formula for editing photos in VSCO so that you have consistency when posting. I am still working on that.



My most favorite to-do list is without question, Wunderlist. Is in an app that you can use for to-do lists, grocery lists, or reminders of any sort. My reason for loving Wunderlist are simple, it is free, it makes the best sound ever when you check something as completed, and it allows you to share lists easily with others. This is where I keep my daily tasks and my grocery needs that I share with my husband (completely unrelated to marketing).



Trello is also a place to organize to-dos, but I use it for my more complex projects rather than a daily task list. It is organized in color-coded “boards”. I assign a board to the main project, like “Re-launch Website” and then I break out all the little tasks that need to be accomplished to complete that project. I can move each of those tasks to one of three sections, To-Do, Doing, or Done. It is very visual and allows me to have multiple projects all organized in one app.






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