Finding Inspiration When Times Are Tough In Your Business {Video Interview}

Watching your friends business grow from a two-man show to multiple locations before your eyes is inspiring and exciting. This is exactly what I experience every single time I check in with my friend, Ian Newall, the owner of Goatocado, here in Richmond, Virginia.

Ian started his business serving delicious vegetarian sandwiches at local festivals with absolutely no food service experience. He will be the first to tell you, in the beginning, everything went wrong. But Ian’s persistence and passion persevered and what started as a single food tent 6 years ago has grown to a multiple food truck and cart operation serving at some of the largest music festivals in the country, local markets, events, and breweries. A few months ago he added the title of “restaurateur” to his roster by opening his first brick and mortar restaurant.

We sat down to talk about his journey in this two part video interview. Here are some of things we are talking about:

  • How Ian uses his business as a vehicle for personal development
  • One of Ian’s favorite books (that was really inspiring for me as well!)
  • What to look out for when building your team
  • How to rely on your team to support you in making good decisions
  • Important ways you can set your business apart
  • What’s next for Goatocado…

In case you missed it, you can catch part 1 of our conversation here.

AND!!! I am so excited to share our FULLL interview with tidbits that didn't make the video on SoundCloud via podcast, including how a trip to India inspired Ian and his team to hustle even harder.

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