From Side Hustle to Full Time Boss Babe {Video Interview}

The mother daughter duo owners of Urban Set Bride, a bridal shop in the Church Hill neighborhood of Richmond, VA are two amazing women.

Christine Greenberg, Jennifer Haines and I sat down to talk about what its like to balance work and family life and dove deep in to the beginnings of their business to understand the progression from side hustle to full time Wedding Boss Babe-ness.

In their sunny bridal showroom, we discussed:

  • How they filled a hole in the market by really understanding the needs of the Richmond Bride
  • How long it took to feel confident that the business is stable after opening their doors – so they could finally exhale
  • Marketing strategies that worked for them to attract their ideal client
  • Boss Babes RVA (a Facebook Group that Christine & I facilitate) connecting and inspiring a community of hundreds of local women business owners – and just how awesome that really is!