Have you asked for what you really want?


I am taking a break from marketing and sales tips this week to share a story that I have been telling all my clients. This is a story about the power of visualization.  

In my old life (less than a year ago), I worked a lot. I woke up, I hustled, I went to sleep, and repeated, every single day. I was making more money than I ever had. I had awesome people, waiting for me to inspire and direct them. I was receiving accolade after accolade for the business I had created. I was miserable.


I was working too hard.


I made a (very difficult) decision to hit the reset button on my life and figure out what I really wanted.


I started to use the power of visualization to create my ideal scenario for my work and my life and quite frankly things started getting freaky.


In February I wrote down on paper things that I wanted.

  • Time to take care of myself, do yoga, meditate and explore therapies
  • Childcare for my son that was reliable and drama-free
  • A professional home cleaning service, because I hate to clean
  • Time to spend with passionate and inspiring people and friends
  • A team to lead, so that I am not working all by myself
  • Clients that I love working with that are committed to their own results
  • Income to replace my old salary but on a 4-day workweek (instead of 7)


I realize nothing on this list is exceptional or even adventurous, but when I wrote it, less than 5 months ago, I had two friends as clients and no other income.


On Monday, I experienced a day where one by one these things fell in to place as if I was holding the checklist. At the end of the day, I had to dig through a pile of papers to even be sure that the original list existed and I didn’t make that scenario up in my head. I went from having none of these things to experiencing every single one.


So what happened? To be totally honest, I am not 100% sure.


I can tell you what didn’t happen, though. I didn’t hustle like I always had. I let things happen instead of striving and struggling. I protected my time, surrounded myself with people who could support me, I asked for help, I received help, and I said no to things that weren’t on this list even though they were tempting.


As a business owner (and human) you have to ask the universe for what you really need.


That means taking time to really identify what you need, and not make a list of what think you should want.


Do you have a list like this anywhere or do you only have your to-do list?