How good are you at follow up?

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A while back I had a meeting with a yoga teacher who gave me some really great advice about business.  Not what I was expecting! She said, "the fortune is in the follow up", and I completely agree.
I am going to make a bold statement:
Providing exceptional customer service is best way to grow a business.
Have you become detached from the customer experience?
It is so important to find simple ways to systematize customer experience so that we are truly following up where it matters. This goes for all types of businesses, even retail!
I am an ideas person. This makes sticking to a process or system really challenging. That being said, I know that consistency is essential to providing great customer service (as well as helping me to feel less stressed), so I have simplified my system to make sure I follow up with each and every client so that they know two things:

  1. I am a professional. I have built multiple businesses by exceeding customer expectations and I am going to expect them to do the same.
  2. I care about them. I truly do, care about each and every one of my clients. By being consistent in my follow up, they can feel like I have their back.

I know that this time of year people are making big goals for how they will grow themselves and their businesses in 2018. For me it’s going to be simple, continue to improve the service I provide to my clients and encourage them to do the same for theirs.
Here is my personal (simple) checklist for how I follow up with my clients.
Initial Meeting
Follow Up Email/Proposal
Weekly or Bi-Monthly Meetings
Meeting Recaps (provided after each session)
Random Check-ins
Thank You
Testimonial Request

Nothing fancy! You can make one, too. Go forth and follow up!