How I am Going to Use Social Media in 2017

If you are like me, one of your goals for 2017 is to use social media to enhance your business without the stress of it.

Last year, I discovered that I really don't get a lot of new client interest through social media. BUT!! I love connecting with people and sharing quick tips and ideas that come up in my meetings with my clients. After every client meeting, we walk out with solutions to common small biz owner problems and social media is a great place to share those simply for the fun of it.

Even though I plan to use social media just for fun in the New Year, that doesn't mean I am going in without a plan. I am dusting off my favorite social media tool and sharing it with you today!

My 2017 Social Media Content Calendar!

I love using this calendar to keep my organized and thinking ahead about what I want to share. I do not like having "post on social media" on my to do list every single day, that to me makes it feel like work, not fun. Will I still post sporadically as exciting things come up? Yes, of course! But I will also have a plan which makes me feel way less stressed.

Be prepared to jump right in and start planning, creating, and scheduling your social media posts right away. And don't forget to keep it fun!!

Happy posting!