How to Create A Vision for your Business (and Life)

A few weeks ago, I shared a post about the power of visualization and the incredible shifts that have happened in my life and business since I put on paper what I really wanted. Here is the (not so impressive) list of things that I didn’t have in February that I wanted to have: 

  • Time to take care of myself, do yoga, meditate and explore therapies
  • Childcare for my son that was reliable and drama-free
  • A professional home cleaning service, because I hate to clean
  • Time to spend with passionate and inspiring people and friends
  • A team to lead, so that I am not working all by myself
  • Clients that I love working with that are committed to their own results
  • Income to replace my old salary but on a 4-day workweek (instead of 7)


Since sharing my list, people have not stopped asking me about it. I have had friend dates, client meetings, and even family members call me to find out my superpower secret to manifesting a list of wants in to reality in just a few short months.

I am sorry to say, that it isn’t a super power. Things literally fell in to place after I completed a thoughtful exercise.

I sat down with a pen and paper, took a few minutes to breathe and relax, and wrote down what I wanted my life to look like.

I answered these questions:

What do I need to do to keep myself happy/healthy?

What type of support do I need?

What do I want to do with my time?

What do I want my work to be like?

What do I want my relationships to be like?


Here is what I did NOT do:

Create a plan of action – I did NOT require a thought through plan of action in order to put something on my list. When I wrote this in February, my monthly income was under $500. I still wrote that I wanted home cleaning service, a luxury service that I had no way to pay for. But wouldn’t you know it, a contact I already had, asked me if I would be interested in trading my consulting services for home cleaning. That offer literally came out of nowhere. Not only is my house getting clean, this client is totally committed to his own results (checking off another item on my list!).


Borrow other people’s dreams – Like I said, there is nothing impressive about this list. I did NOT vow to become an instant millionaire, an Instagram sensation, or get elected President because those aren’t MY goals. I see a lot of people striving for things they think they are supposed to want. For this exercise I really tuned in to what I want right now, not what thing or experience makes other people happy.


Worry about it – The old me would be stressing this piece of paper, but I simply did NOT. It was just a piece of paper that I kept on my nightstand. I didn’t share it with anyone or post in on Instagram. I talked about it indirectly with my life coach, but honestly I barely looked at it. I stopped striving and trying so hard to get my life perfect, instead being open to the opportunities that came to me while consistently showing up every day in my work and my life and things started falling where they needed to be.

Create Your Vision

When I start working with a new client, the first thing I have them do is complete a visualization exercise specifically for their business. I want to know about their vision and long term desires for their company and community. It is a really is a fun and inspiring way to start things off with the big dreams firmly on paper.

Next week, I will be hosting my very first Facebook Live broadcast to walk you through this exercise! We will breathe deep and write down on paper our own personal vision on Tuesday, July 26th at 2:30pm. I hope you will tune in Live, but if you can’t make it, you can catch the replay on my Facebook Page (click over a like if you haven’t already).