How to Use Instagram Like a Boss


3 Reasons Why I Use Hootsuite to post on Instagram  

First, I would like to say that this is not a sponsored post from Second, I honestly have not tried and tested the endless number of platforms and apps that offer social media scheduling options. This post is really not about which option is better than the other. It is about how I approach my posting and a very important step that so many business owners miss when using Instagram.


The scheduling feature for Instagram posts via Hootsuite is not “set it and forget it.” It actually is quite labor intensive. You plug in your images and copy either on your computer or via their app and choose when you want the post to go up. When that time comes, the app will alert you on your phone and you will have to click through the prompts to post by copying the post copy, approving the images and essentially manually posting as if you hadn’t scheduled anything at all.


So why even bother? Here are three awesome reasons:


Scheduling your content in advance is essential to success.

Sitting down and planning out your posts is what successful businesses do. That is what you should be doing, too. The old saying, if you fail to plan, you plan to fail is absolutely true when it comes to managing your social media. This is your chance to talk one on one with current and potential customers. Don’t waste that chance because you think you don’t have time. You can download my Creating A Social Media Content Calendar 10 Minute Tutorial (literally it takes 10 minutes) and read all about why I say scheduling your content is essential for your success here.


Forced logins to your account make you look at your post one last time.

Lets face it, you make mistakes. Whether you schedule something wrong, missed a typo when you were planning, or simply forgot to make a change because something changed in your business (on a daily), you need an opportunity to look through everything one last time in order to make sure you are portraying the utmost professional image to your customers and potential customers.


When you click in to post your update, you should be doing this thing that most small businesses completely forget about….

TALK TO PEOPLE!!!! The whole point of “social” media is to network with other people. Comment and like on others’ posts! That is why you are there, to connect and communicate with like-minded PEOPLE. If you don’t sell things to people, there is no point of being on Instagram. If you do, you should be replying to comments from customers. You should be searching hashtags that apply to your business or region and commenting and liking on images that make sense. You should be taking at least 3 minutes every time you post something to interact with what other people are posting. Otherwise, you are the kid jumping up and down shouting, “Look at me! Look at me! Look at me!” and no one likes that kid.

So whether you use Hootsuite or another application for scheduling your content, you need to be thoughtful about what you post and how you interact via Social Media.


And if you haven’t already, make sure you download my 10 Minute Tutorial – Creating A Social Media Content Calendar. It is a great place to start.

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