How to write a months worth of email marketing content in an hour (or less)


I write about the value of email marketing all the time. I will never stop. It is so so valuable to building relationships with your customers and clients. If you aren’t doing it or are still skeptical that it works, you can read these three posts and come back to me.  

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If you are a believer!! I have some tips for you.


THE most common push back I get from small business owners about email marketing (after they worry about being too spammy) is that they don’t have time to sit down and write an email every week. I am here to say, you absolutely do!


In one hour (or less) you can write 4 emails that will add value to your client’s inbox. I would never ever tell you to send something to a client that wasn’t valuable. That defeats the whole point. You are emailing your clients and customers to keep them engaged, happy, and remember that you exist. I also know, that not everyone is a copywriter (like me), so I will give you some tips to help you get through your writers block.


Here is what to do:


Step One: Idea Dump

This is an essential step to figuring out what the hell you are going to write about. All you have to do is sit down with a blank piece of paper and a pen (or pencil) and set your timer for 10 minutes. In that 10 minutes, I want you to write down as many problems as you can think of.


Let me explain: I want you to think of your customers and their challenges. They don’t have to be specific to your business. Any problem will do. Sometimes it helps to have a specific client in mind. Think specifically about your favorite client. What does he/she need help with? Write it down and keep writing them down for 10 minutes, even if they seem like silly ideas. Keep writing. If you get stuck, tell yourself, “what else, what else?”


Here are a few other ways to think about this:


Think about your favorite client. What does he/she need help with?

What did you do to help the last client/customer you worked with?

What is sitting on your to do list that you need help with?


When that timer goes off, move on to step two.


Step Two: Pick the 4 easiest problems and solve them

Solving problems for people is THE best way to add value. That is exactly what you are doing, adding value to your clients. And you are so good at what you do that you can do this in 10 minutes per idea!!


That’s right. You are not going to spend more than 10 minutes solving each problem and here is how. Set that timer again and let the words flow. If you are a typing person, open a blank word doc and start typing. If you prefer to keep it pen to paper, do that. (The idea dump works best pen to paper, btw).


Here are some even simpler ways to solve these problems if you aren’t a wordsmith:

Tell the story about how you helped your last client with this problem.

Find a video online about how to fix the problem, write a 3-sentence recap and link to it.

Find an article online about how to fix the problem, write a 1 sentence recap and link to it.

Find an inspirational quote from someone famous and respected that solves the problem and send that.


The key is to really focus on each of the problems, one by one, with that timer resetting for 10 minutes each time. Take a break in between if you need to. That leaves you with 10 extra minutes in your hour to keep developing an idea or check for spelling errors.


Here is the thing: You are probably way overthinking how perfect and thought through each and every piece of content you send to your audience needs to be. Find a problem, solve a problem, and move on. That is what you do in real life with your customers, do it in your email, too!


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