How well do you know your customer?

Knowing your audience is an absolutely critical part of any good marketing strategy, yet so many small business owners struggle to clearly define whom exactly they are helping with their product or service.


This resistance to picking a specific type of customer and really getting to know them intimately often comes from a place of FOMO (fear of missing out). Business owners are afraid if they do not market to the masses, or keep their message generic, they will be missing out on people they can serve and sell to. This type of thinking can be a big challenge to overcome when making important marketing decisions like, where to spend energy advertising (promoting) and what to say?


You may have heard the term “target market” and that is a great place to start. Think of your customers as living on a target (the symbol with rings and a big dot in the center). There is a specific person with very specific needs, wants, and desires, living in that dot that you should know her like your bestie. That dot is whom you are talking to, selling to, and building relationships with at all times.  If you can get in really really good with the dot, the rest of the people will follow.


What to do now? Define your dot!


Take a few minutes to write down your responses to the following prompts:


1. What are the qualities of your dream customer? She is most likely a combination of a few people you know (you included). Describe her in detail. (Personality, lifestyle, social life, family, passions, interests, career, style.)



2. What other products/services does she spend her money on? What do these purchases say about what she values?



3. What is her biggest problem, pain, or frustration that you can help her solve?



4. What about her life does she wish was different?



5. What does she like most about you and your business?