My Secret to Stressing Less and Accomplishing More

A little over a year ago, I was working hard all the time, but making no progress and feeling completely stuck. No matter how many things I checked off my to do list, the next day more would appear. I was tired, burned out, and completely disconnected from why I was working so hard.

I was making good money, receiving admiration from people I respected (and hell, people I didn’t even know), but I wasn’t happy or fulfilled.

The truth is I wasn’t taking care of myself. I didn’t know what I really wanted and I was working ALL. THE. TIME. which was simply a distraction to keep me from doing what I needed to do to really live a happy healthy life while still completely crushing it in my business.

I believed the myth that good things only come to those who work really really really hard.

I am completely over that!!!

I am living proof that working smarter and taking awesome care of myself has brought much more success in to my life than working really hard ever did (and no I haven’t sacrificed business success or admiration from the people who matter). 


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I want to share my strategies with you!

I am bringing back my Stress Busting Email Series with new and improved “challenges”. Each weekday for two weeks (10 days total) you will receive an email from me with an easy task to complete that will help you stress less.

Learn 10 of the stress reducing techniques that I used to go from total burnout to thriving business owner while working less hours and ACTUALLY enjoying my life.

Some of you may have participated in the challenge last year and some of you were too stressed to sign on for the stress busting, but trust me, it is worth it!! Here are what a few of the challengers had to say:


“I have loved this challenge! It's been such a good exercise in actually thinking about things during the day, rather than going thru the same routine not thinking about any of it!”

“This was just the boost I needed…Yay! I feel so much lighter!”

“We had a family lunch today and I only took the phone out ONCE to take a picture and then put it away. It was so nice to really BE with my family.”

“Took time to eat a thoughtful meal before a big meeting today.”

“Loved the small goal setting - tackled an email that I'd been ignoring!”

“Set my goal and made my goal! Success.”

“It was interesting how a five minute step was a calming way to start the day.”

“This is awesome.”