Simplifying Awesome Email Marketing

Be better than the rest of their inbox. Email marketing IS SO IMPORTANT, but it doesn’t have to be a big chore on your to do list. Emails are your opportunity to remind your client database that you exist and give them a reason to love you. It is a way to cultivate brand loyalty and is still outperforming social media in regards to customer engagement. So before you post on Facebook, you should be sending that email.

Believe me when I say that emailing your customers is a non-negotiable when developing your marketing strategy. In most cases, email is free!

Here are a few tips to making the email marketing writing process simpler:


Create a format and identify your sections

The best way to make writing marketing emails simple is to create a format with easy to define sections that you will use as a template for all weekly email communication. (You read that right. You are sending these emails weekly). A good example would be the format I used for my client, FIT Richmond, a small group personal training gym.

In a FIT Richmond email, there are always 4 sections:

  1. The intro section is always a motivational quote.
  2. The main section is where current FIT Richmond information lives, event announcements, class schedule changes, new instructors, or any other current information about regular business operations.
  3. The side bar is a list of local events where clients can get active, things like local running races, free yoga classes, outdoor festivals, and others.
  4. The bottom portion is a list of 2-3 links to articles about health, wellness, and diet.


Write them all at one time

If you are sending an email a week that is only 4 emails a month. Sit down and write them! If you are following a format like the one above, all you need is 4 quotes, 8-12 links, 4 announcements, and a list of events happening over the next 4-6 weeks. You can get this cranked out in an hour if you block out all other distractions.


Schedule them along with your social media content

You can cross promote content from your email to social media. Isn’t that awesome! So while you are pulling information together for your email marketing, you are also collecting things to share on social media. Make sure you schedule these accordingly. Emails can be scheduled in MailChimp, Constant Contact, AWeber, or other email marketing platform. Just remember, you don’t want to send a “January Newsletter” with a bunch of articles you posted on Facebook in December. Send the email first, post to social second.


Provide information your clients want to have (and share)

Something I hear from clients all the time, “I just don’t have anything to send.” Incorrect! Not every email has to be a sale or discount and quite frankly, it shouldn't be! By including information that your clients want to have, or better yet, want to share, you will have better email engagement, thus making your clients even more loyal.

Some examples of things to put in your email other than sales:

  • Recipes
  • Links to interesting articles
  • Quotes
  • Fashion tips and product previews
  • diy self-help tips or do-at-home activities
  • Local information

What ever you are sharing, make sure that it aligns with your brand. Let’s say you are a yoga studio, you probably don’t need to include a recipe for fried chicken. An example for diy self-help type of email for a yoga business would be a picture of a heart opening pose and list of the benefits. Make sure to include a great subject line like, “Do this yoga pose at work to reduce stress”.


Awesome email subject lines

The best way to get emails opened is to create subject lines that grab them. “January Newsletter” is not going to cut it anymore. You have got to be more creative if you want people to care about your email. Even if you are sharing the January news, you could title the email something like, “First look at January’s events before we announce public.” This makes the client feel like they are special because they know about what you are doing before everyone else.


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