The Real Deal Secret to Success


Back in October of 2016, I gave a talk about to a room of about 20 people on the topic of “Small Business Burnout”.


It was my first time speaking publically about my personal struggle with burnout and depression. It was my first time giving a formal presentation to a group of strangers on the topic of stress. It was my first time realizing that this struggle is incredibly common among high-achieving seemingly “successful” people.


It will not be my last.


In this talk, I attempted to debunk the myth that the secret to success is really hard work.


If you Google “Secret to Success” you will get a lot of opinions. Plenty of motivational quotes pop up and they all have some sort of recommended action for you to take.


I am all about action. I love doing, but I recognize that in order to feel successful there are no short cuts. There is no one size fits all recommendations. And the things you think will make you feel successful, money, praise, accomplishments, most likely won’t.


My apologies for the click bait email subject, but there really is no secret.


No one can give you a secret to success, because no one knows what your version looks like. If you think a profitable business will make you feel successful, I am here to tell you from first hand experience, there is no guarantee.


Instead of setting goals in dollar amounts, or milestones, try another strategy. How do you want to feel when you are successful?


Write that down. See what happens.