Use this tool to plan ahead

I love to plan. I am a futuristic thinker who enjoys spending time imagining what the days ahead will be like.

I realize, however, that not everyone is like me. I also recognize that many many business owners (even the ones who enjoy the planning process) do not always make time to strategize about the days/months/seasons to come. Either they are too busy, or to “in it” to take a more high level view of what is on the horizon.

This is why I created my printable “Monthly Promotional Calendar” worksheet. Download it for free here.

I encourage every business owner to use it in what ever way supports them and future planning for their business. It is a simple printable document where you can brainstorm ideas and save notes for the future so that you do not make the following business mistakes:

Mistake #1: Operating in reaction mode (never in growth mode)

When you have no plan (and no time to plan) you are always reacting. I call this, “putting out fires” and it is not a recipe for growth. If sales and slow and you throw out a discount, this is a reactive action and could be harming your business long term. If you thoughtfully construct a discount or incentive, tied to a specific product or service, targeting a specific customer at a specific time, that is a solid promotion!

Mistake #2: Throwing things together at the last minute (and wondering why they don’t work)

Not every business building activity has to follow months of intensive planning, but there should be thought and consideration behind your business building activities. I have seen business owners jump on an opportunity to run an expensive advertisement, but plan no time to craft an effective message or work with a designer to create something impactful. I know plenty of people who send an email promoting an event that is days away and wonder why no one attends.  

Mistake #3: Operating in a feast and famine cycle

You work work work to get the word out about your business, then sales start coming in and you coast for a while. Sales start to slow down; you panic, and start this process over again. Sound familiar? If you have a plan on paper, you will continue your business growth activities no matter what the immediate state of your bank account looks like. Coca Cola is one of the best-known brands in the universe. Do you think they ever take a break from marketing?

Mistake #4: Neglecting to connect

Whether you are an individual operator or running a big business, connection and collaboration is essential to business growth. Cross promotion via collaboration is an amazing way to grow your sales and your audience and should always have a place on your promotional calendar.

Mistake #5: Having no plan for the slow seasons

You cannot wait until the summer slow down to do something about it! I am not saying you can prevent the seasonality of your business by making a plan, but you can lessen the impact by getting ahead of slow seasons with effective incentives and promotions.

Here is what I want you to do:

  1. Download the printable Promotional Calendar.
  2. Print it out.
  3. Fill in at least one activity each month that will contribute to your business growth.

Need more inspiration? Here is are the activities I have written on my personal promotional calendar for my coaching and strategy consulting business:

January: 1) Networking 2) New Clients On-boarding 3) Pause on Thrive mentoring  

February: 1) Stress Busting Email Series 2) 2-3 Free Consult Sessions 3) Boss Babe Meet-up

March: 1) 2-3 Free Consult Sessions 2) Launch Season 1: “What Does It Take?” Interview Series  

April: 1) Start wrapping up client work for summer break 2) Boss Babe Meet-up  

May: 1) Off (no client work) 2) Email & Social Media Content continues  

June: 1) Off (no client work) 1) Email & Social Media Content continues 3) Check in wait-list clients

July: 1) Off (no client work) 2) Email & Social Media Content continues 3) Promo for Q4 Planning Workshop  

August: 1) 1-2 Free Consult Sessions 2) Wait-list Clients begin 3) Q4 Planning Workshop

September: 1) Launch Season 2 of “What Does It Take?” Interview Series 2) Pre-Launch (beta version) New Wellness Website 3) Networking  

October: 1) Email Series 2) Workshop 3) List growing activities for New Wellness Website  

November: 1) Soft Launch Wellness Website 2) Networking 3) 2-3 Free Consult Sessions  

December: 1) On-boarding for January 2018 clients