What Makes You So Special?


If we were having coffee and I asked you, “What is so special about your business?” What would your answer be? Would you tell me about the product or service that you sell or would you tell me about the problems you are solving for your customers?  

To be truly successful in business, you must solve a problem.


If you are reading this blog, you already know this, but do you realize how awesome it is for you when it comes to selling?


When you switch from salesperson to problem solver, not only will your customers respond better, you won’t feel so sleazy.


In a Kardashian-crazed world, it may seem like showing the world what you have and what is so great about you is a good marketing strategy. Incorrect. The way to truly connect with customers, build loyalty, and encourage retention and referrals is to show your value by improving the lives of the people who are buying from you.


Instead of talking about “what you do”, talk about “how you solve”.


Here is a little exercise to help you communicate your solutions.



Who is my customer?




What problems do they have?




What is the solution I offer?




Why is this solution the best option for my customer?




If answering these questions is very difficult, you have one of three problems:


1) You don’t actually solve a problem with your business. (Eeek!) 2) You are unclear about who you are serving or how you are serving them. 3) You are trying to solve too many problems for too many different people.  

Finding clarity on who, what, and why is essential to generating marketing activities that will attract the right customers to your business. So before you spend even $1 on marketing, make sure you can answer Who, What, What, and Why.