What Successful Business Owners Know About Email Marketing


I feel like a broken record when I meet with my clients because I say the same things over and over again. In case you haven’t heard my record playing, it is saying YOU MUST BE EMAILING YOUR CLIENTS.  

Every time I tell a business owner to email their clients every week, I get the same two responses, “I don’t want to email too much because people hate emails.” or 2) “Do people even still read their emails? Isn’t that a waste of time?”


My responses to these two concerns are:


1) People don’t hate emails that are interesting. Make your emails interesting and you can send one a week. If the receiver of your email is not interested in your email, they will delete it, ignore it, or unsubscribe. This is not because they don’t like you or your service. It is because they don’t like your email. And heck, they at least had to think about you to do one of those three things. Get over that and move on.


2) Again, people read emails that are interesting. And some people even read spam emails, because if spam didn’t work, it wouldn’t exist. But seriously, you are not spam, you are interesting, so let’s talk about why you should be emailing your clients and then lets talk about what you should be sending them.


Why Emailing Your Clients is Important


  • It helps build relationships when you do it right. By “doing it right” I mean sending people valuable information that benefits them without them needing to do anything for you.
  • It makes you seem credible. You show your clients that you know what you are doing, when you send them information that they wouldn’t have found if they weren’t working with a professional/expert.
  • It shows you care. You are helping your clients by giving them this information that they would have had to go look for on their own. Go you!
  • It is so freaking cheap. Honestly, most email marketing systems (MailChimp, Constant Contact, etc.) don’t even charge if you have a list under 2,000 emails and after that, it is a tiny investment compared to other types of marketing.


What to put in the email


It is not rocket science, so don’t overwhelm yourself trying to craft the absolute most perfect message in 10 paragraphs or more. Send people something they want to know. If you are a life coach, send some words of wisdom, a 5-minute exercise to be calmer, or 3 tips for protecting your “me-time”. If you are a fitness business, send them a link to sign up for your next workshop, a link to 3 ways to stay hydrated, or a sick playlist. If you are a retailer, send them a link to an article about the hottest trend this season, a recipe, or a list of local places to visit after they visit your location.


Think about what information your client wants to have and send that!


Don’t spend ten hours writing it, find it on the internet and share it, or take it out of your expert brain and jot it down in 10 minutes or less.


Got it!? Now, click here to see my post from last week explaining how to get people to actually open these amazing emails you are going to write for them.


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