What Video Can Do for Your Small Business

If you have scrolled through a social media feed in the last year, you will see a trend. Videos are becoming more and more popular and the quality of those videos are getting better and better. Gone are the days that the whole internet is cat videos (although those are still the highlight).

I have had a great experience making videos over the last year. Between the About Videos that I have worked on for my own business and my clients' businesses, as well as my video interview series, “What Does It Take?” I am excited about video because we get a chance to see people share their voices like never before.
Videos (when done correctly) can be engaging, inspiring, entertaining, educational and a great way to communicate to the world what is truly unique and amazing about you and your business.
The trick is being engaging, inspiring, entertaining, educational or something else when making your video. Easier said than done!
One of my clients, Jane from Oh So Clean, created a video about her home cleaning business, and she did so so many things right to give people a better idea of how her service is different from other cleaning companies and why that matters. Check out her video below: 

 Here are a few ways she connected in a meaningful way:
Relate to your specific audience – Jane mentions more than once that her service is meant for busy families. This is her sweet spot when it comes to ideal clients.
Connect with the real value – Jane didn’t talk about scrubbing toilets (even though that is exactly what her company does). She connected to the real value she provides to her clients, “more time with their families”. People pay for a service because they need help solving a problem. The problem isn’t my house is dirty, the problem is, keeping my house clean takes away time I would rather be spending doing other things.
Get personal – Jane is a Mom and small business owner in a local community (a real person). This video shows her in her own home and by seeing her this way, you get to know her and see that this is someone you can trust. Building trust is essential when you are providing a service in someone’s home.
Keep it short – This one-minute video is just the right amount of time to learn what she does, why she does it, how she does it, and what that means to her clients.

If you are interested in creating a video for your small business, let us know! We work with Profound Productions to create compelling “About Videos” for local businesses and would love the chance to help you tell the story of your business to the world!

Want another example? We are so proud of this video we created with Meg Hodge, owner of Centered: Richmond Acupuncture & Wellness: