What You Can Learn From Set Backs in Your Business {Video Interview}

I could not be more excited to share Part 2 of my interview with Paul Cassimus, owner of King of Pops Richmond.  He has incredible insight into the common challenges that all small business owners face and we can all learn so much from the successes (as well as struggles) of others on a similar path. This is honestly the reason I started “What Does It Take?” this series of small business interviews!!

If you missed Part 1, check it out here.

Growing from an independent operator to a thriving company with moving parts and pieces including personnel, a brick and mortar location, and expanded product offering is no small feat. Learn more about how Paul has navigated this growth in part two. We talk all about:

  • How a setback early on put things in perspective for Paul as a small business owner
  • Paul’s brush with burnout and what that taught him about his personal and professional priorities
  • How sticking to what King of Pops does best, “Creating Unexpected Moments of Happiness” and making great pops will fuel its growth, vs. trying to be everything to everyone
  • Paul’s advice for anyone who is starting (or thinking about starting) their own business

Listen on the go (to Paul's sweet radio voice) via podcast on SoundCloud. We've got a full interview available for you. If you like what you hear, we hope you will subscribe.

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