How to Balance Big Dreams and the Day-To-Day In Your Business {Video Interview}

I feel incredibly lucky to have friends who are amazing entrepreneurs and business owners. Being around people who do things differently, who challenge themselves every day, and who have a greater purpose in their actions that grinding for a paycheck makes each and every conversation something that inspires me to be better.

I want to share this with you!

This is why I am launching a new series of videos called “What Does It Take?” where I interview my friends who own and operate super cool businesses with the hope that these conversations will:

  • Inspire you to take action if you are thinking about starting a business
  • Show you that you are not alone if you are currently facing challenges in your business – these people have been there and overcome!
  • Share struggles and successes that you can learn from as a business owner
  • Let you see behind the curtain of what it really takes to turn a dream or idea in to a real money making business


My friend, Ian Newall, the owner of Goatocado, here in Richmond, Virginia is a dreamer. When I had the idea to start this series, I knew I wanted him to be a part of it. He is an amazing example of the “passion-first-then-figure-it-out” methodology of achieving his goals. He is a minimalist, vegetarian, with a dream to further the thoughtful food movement alongside businesses like Chipotle and Sweet Green and hopes to inspire others to take care of the environment and each other. Plus, he makes really tasty food.

What started as a single food tent at a local festival 6 years ago, has grown to a multiple food truck and cart operation serving a some of the largest music festivals in the country, local markets, events, and breweries. A few months ago he added his first brick and mortar restaurant and has no signs of slowing down.


Here are some of things we are talking about in part 1 of our conversation:

  • The beginning of Goatocado and some of Ian’s initial major catastrophes
  • How Goatocado separated themselves from competition by completely ignoring the status quo
  • How Ian balances having BIG DREAMS for his business and the day-to-day grind of making it happen
  • Reflection on the locations that didn’t work out when looking for a space for the restaurant
  • How Ian worked through set backs to get his restaurant open 2 years after finding the “perfect” space

Here is the link to Goatocado’s website to learn more about how you can get a taste of what they serve in Richmond, Virginia.

AND!!! I am so excited to share our FULLL interview with tidbits that didn't make the video on SoundCloud via podcast, including how Ian keeps his staff excited about the growth of his business.

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