When Big Life Changes Affect Your Business {Video Interview}

Part 2 of my conversation with the mother-daughter owners of Urban Set Bride, Christine Greenberg and Jennifer Haines, is a must watch for anyone growing your family and growing your business. (Boss Babes and babies, one of my favorite topics!!)

We chat all about:

  • How Christine and Jennifer managed “maternity leave” when Christine had her first baby last summer
  • How taking your side hustle to a full time gig is just like having a baby
  • How putting their personal beliefs regarding inclusivity of all lifestyles in the public eye has impacted their business
  • How Urban Set Bride has found a way to give back in a major way by rallying the local Richmond wedding community

NEW!! Want to listen on the go? Check out the full podcast interview via SoundCloud to learn EVEN MORE about the duo behind Urban Set Bride and how they turned a side hustle in to a full time business supporting their growing family.