Working As A Couple To Grow Multiple Businesses {Video Interview}

When my newlywed friends told me they were looking to buy a building, I knew they meant business. Some couples literally cannot chill, and Evan & Kristy Cotter is most definitely one of those couples.

This duo started Drift Riot, a designer jewelry brand, during Kristy’s summer vacation years before they were married. The line is sold in local shops, national trade shows, and has been featured in publications like In Style Magazine. They continue to collaborate on some awesomely creative projects including their most recent endeavor, opening Dear Neighbor, a boutique gift shop located in the Church Hill in Richmond, Virginia. You would never guess that the shop used to be a garage on the couple’s newly purchased property.

I sat down with the Cotter’s to chat about their journey and what’s next for them as their businesses grows. We talked about:

  • How they balances working together and having a life
  • What Kristy looks for when selecting what they sell in their shop
  • Advise for people who are thinking of starting a business
  • How important the partnership is to making multiple businesses work
  • What’s next for the Cotter’s…

Listen on the go!! Our full interview with Evan and Kristy Cotter of Drift/Riot and Dear Neighbor is available via podcast on SoundCloud.

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