You May Be Missing Out On Important Feedback

If you are like me, you do your research before you invest in a product or hire someone to provide you a service. You want to know what other people who have bought think about their experience. You read product reviews on sites like Amazon. And you ask friends for their opinions if they have been somewhere or bought something that you are considering.
These types of referrals and opinions are so important to your growing business, but if you don’t ask for testimonials, you may be missing out on really important feedback and a great opportunity to toot your own horn without doing any tooting. (Typing that made me chuckle, I couldn't resist.)
One of my business mentors, Rachael Cook, shared with me an easy way to encourage people to provide you with feedback in the form of a testimonial. All you need to do is ask!
I recommend asking these 3 questions when collecting testimonials:

What was your biggest challenge/frustration before working with me?
What changes or results have you seen after working with me?
What is the most important thing a person should know about working with me?
You can easily adapt these questions to be more specific to your business. You can send these questions via email, put them in a thank you card, or create a feedback form on your website.
Other tips to getting great testimonials:
Offer an incentive to respond. I send an email to clients I work with asking for feedback with the subject “Feature on my website”. I am offering a feature on my site for business owners who have worked with me with a link to their website, which provides them with visibility and SEO. You may also consider offering a freebie service, a discount on a future purchase, or another offering.
Get permission to share their feedback. If you have a business where visibility is not ideal (if you are a life coaching, dietician, or offer other personal improvement services), make sure you give the option to credit to them by name or keep their feedback anonymous.
Don’t wait too long. The best time to ask for feedback is right after you have worked with someone or sold a product. You want the joy of the experience fresh in their minds when they are writing a review of your business.

Don't be afraid to specify where you want them to share. If you want them to respond directly to you, so you can share the feedback on your personal website, tell them. Or if you want them to share on your Google Business Page, Facebook, Yelp, or some other site specific to your industry, make it easy and send a link. 

Feel free to copy these questions verbatim or customize them to work better for you, but don’t be shy to ask people what they think about your business. Even if the feedback that comes back is not something you would be excited to share, you will still gain a great perspective from asking the questions.