You Skipped a Step! Stop Now and Go Back.

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You know me. I am a raging optimist and truly want to see only the good in people. I do this for a living. I work with awesome people and help them see how awesome they are and how awesome they can become. It’s a dream job.
Here is the funny part about hanging out with only amazing people. 90% of them have no idea how amazing they are. And this isn’t because they are a humble bunch; it is because amazing people rarely give themselves credit for their amazingness.
If you are reading this blog, you are one of these. You don’t take credit for your successes. Whenever you have a big win, you jump right to setting the next goal. No matter what you achieve, it will never be enough. I see you, because I am you.
My challenge for you today is to sit down and write down 10 things you have done that are amazing. I need to you go back to that step you skipped (taking credit for your own incredible accomplishments.)
If you ever hope to feel successful, you are going to need to do this. Go! Do it now!