The Tobacco Company

Our biggest challenges came from social media and branding. We needed someone to develop a social media program as well as help us manage all the platforms. As for branding our image was just old. We have been around for over 30 years and nothing had changed, our look, our food, our community networking, just 30 years old.

After working with Shannon our social media presence is strong and working. Our reputation in the community as a fine dining restaurant has transformed with the development of new food and beverages. Our communication with social and professional groups has grown ten fold. We are no longer back page news but front page stories.

You should know that Shannon always thinks about the client. She understands how that client can fit into the community. She never complicates the issue. If one way doesn’t work, then lets look at it this way. She doesn’t give up if she believes in something.
— David Campbell, Events Director, The Tobacco Company Restaurant