Turn Cardio Jam Studio

My partner and I felt like we were running around with no focus, trying this once and then another, with no consistency or structure. Then we would get so busy and get overwhelmed with the idea of needing to do more marketing. Shannon’s plan was comprehensive yet simple, and she organized everything in bite size chunks that was execution-able that we didn’t feel overwhelmed.We felt excited and confident after reviewing the plan together that we could totally do it, and we made adjustments and modifications on our own on how to execute the plan on our own.

Shannon made us realize that weekly e-newsletter to our customers were not only necessary, it wasn’t as difficult or time-consuming as we originally thought. Once we started implementing our weekly emails, our customers/members are more informed, better engaging in social media, and they seem to refer their friends to our business more often too. Our social media presence is definitely more consistent and stronger with tips and suggestions we got from Shannon’s plan. We also know what focus or theme we would promote each month for the next 4 months, so we feel more prepared for the future.

Shannon brings a lot of excitement and energy into helping your business become successful. Be prepared to jump into it and see the result quickly. If you are the type who likes to come up with every reason why it can’t work, or excuses why you can’t take action, Shannon may not be the right fit. But if you are motivated, passionate, and excited about growing your business and needing some strategic guidance, expert advice, and motivation to get things done (in non-overwhelming, fit-your-specific-business-manner), Shannon is your girl.
— Seo Kelleher, Partner, Turn Cardio Jam Studio