(Before working with Shannon) neither of us had ever thought of ourselves as “creative,” so the marketing aspect of running a small business and attracting new clients felt overwhelming. We also weren’t very organized and failed to plan ahead when it came to promotions, events and social media. We felt stuck on this hamster wheel of implementing things last minute, and instead wanted to learn how to think on a longer-term basis to achieve growth.

We have seen many positive changes even after a few short months of working with Shannon! First and foremost, we feel as if we have a much better system for handling all sides of our business (not just marketing); she knows what it’s like to both build and manage a small business, and from the start, helped us to more clearly outline our responsibilities and make sure they were fairly divided. We think of her more as our “business coach,” and as a result, we have improved our working relationship.

We have also gotten into a good groove of planning promotions and events months in advance, which makes for smoother implementation and less stress! Having her hold us accountable has been invaluable.

Because we never thought of ourselves as creative, we imagined Shannon handing us answers and ideas on a silver platter. Not the case. During sessions, she will engage you in almost a Socratic method of questioning and still expect you to play an active role in the process. And between sessions, you will have homework to complete. It’s as if she unlocks your inner creative, making you feel as if the ideas were inside of you the whole time!
— Sara Seward and Polly Taylor, owners BarReVA
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