Centered: Richmond Acupuncture & Wellness

My biggest challenge is always getting enough new people in the door. My second biggest challenge has been knowing where to focus my marketing efforts and freezing because I am overwhelmed with the options and opportunities.

Shannon has changed my world in all the ways that matter for my business and my sanity. “Streamlining” and “focus” are the two words that summarize my experience with her, which is doubly great since this is what I asked for help with! We worked together to help focus the message of my website in a way that has proven to be very effective and put in place a marketing plan to speaks to new and existing patients. I feel much more confident and at ease when I look at my business growth over the last few months, and feel much more relaxed during the down moments knowing that I have a plan in place and that I’m already seeing the results of our work.

Shannon is someone to work with if you want someone to be honest with you, challenge you, and keep you on your toes. The work that you will do together will not be easy, but it will be worth it.
— Maegan Hodge, L.Ac.