Courtney Ludeman Interiors

Our biggest marketing challenge before working with Shannon was reaching new clients. In the past, the business had been promoted through word of mouth. Courtney was present in the community and was receiving referrals from friends and past clients that kept the company flourishing. With social media becoming a large part of marketing today, and Courtney being not as present in the community as her children are grown and settled, word of mouth is no longer the sole form of promotion. We had a measly social media following, and no idea how to reach people through marketing. We updated our branding and our website, and received Shannon’s name from the website designer, Elizabeth Sobka, from South Of Belmar. Once we scheduled a meeting with Shannon, she created a marketing plan for us with items she believed would best suit our company and would reach our ideal clientele. We implemented her social media strategy, and have since gotten a client through Instagram and are working on updating our website copy. Shannon’s advice and guidance has been instrumental in our new marketing plan, and opened our eyes to the character, and importance, of marketing.

After meeting with Shannon and hearing her advice, our social media plan is flourishing and SO easy to maintain! It helps to keep us on a schedule and not fall behind in our posts, while also staying true to the image of the company. We look forward to putting more of her ideas into effect!

Trust her. Seriously. We all think we know what we are talking about when it comes to marketing, but being open minded to her ideas and goals for the company are essential to how the process works. Shannon has been instrumental in getting us on track with marketing, and we are no where close to being done! She helped teach us that marketing is constant, and staying on top of it makes work a lot easier in the long run. We know that Shannon is never too far away when we have a question or are in need of guidance- She responds to emails quickly and is always willing to talk via phone to help better explain her ideas. We feel so fortunate to work with Shannon, and know she is the force behind how we represent the company and how we interact with the community.
— Frances Grattan of Courtney Ludeman Interiors