Ginger Juice

As with most entrepreneurs, I struggle with where to focus my time and energy to achieve the best results for both myself and my business. Before working with Shannon, it was easy for me to see how working hard (like hard to the bone, with no sleep and lots of stress) would translate to “success”.

As a result of working with Shannon, I realized that I have more success in my business when I take care of myself first, have a laser focus on fewer initiatives, and execute well on the key items that will make my business grow and be more profitable. Since working with Shannon, I have seen a 59% increase in juice sales, successfully launched a subscription program that generated $11,844 in additional revenue, and started a gym cleanse program that has brought in over 600 bottles of cleanse orders since it started.

The secret to success is focus and execution. Shannon will bring great ideas, knowledge, and experience - it’s up to you to focus, execute, and track your progress. Working with Shannon has been a key element to our success in the past few months. I could not have stayed focus without her constant attention, frequent meetings, detailed meeting re-caps, and homework assignments. She is an incredible asset to Ginger Juice and I highly recommend her to anyone who is serious about taking their business to the next level!
— Erin Powell, Owner Ginger Juice