OccasionGenius’ marketing needs are doubly complex as a two-sided marketplace. We speak to two sides of our marketplace: everyday planners who need to find local event ideas and unique businesses that host them.

Shannon is unwaverable in her accountability to the goals that matter the most. She is not impressed by vanity metrics and distractions. She focuses on the top 1 to 3 things that will move the bottom line and trains business owners to keep them in their sights.

Without clear customer profiles, OccasionGenius ran the risk of trying to be all things to all people! Shannon helped us to understand that our users wanted to be considered young and hip, no matter their age, and that our marketing needed to reflect how users see themselves.

Shannon’s template for social media posting was easy to adopt and gave us ample direction for posting.

The most important thing a person should know about working with Shannon is that she takes a holistic view to business ownership - and has a lot of profound business lessons to share that cross over into life lessons.
— Nate Marcus - Founder OccasionGenius
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