Pilates 804

Before working with Shannon, I was all over the place because there was and is so much to do! I was drowning in ‘to-do’ lists and never getting them done 100%. Figuring out operations came with time but with no background in marketing I couldn’t hone in on a rhythm that kept all pieces moving smoothly. The frustration made marketing a chore that I began to loathe and cost more than benefit.

Now, I am organized, know what’s coming next and am able to focus on what I really love: teaching Pilates. Marketing costs are down while class attendance is up. I no longer look at marketing as a chore and can get it done faster than ever. There are a lot of intimidating factors a business owner has to manage and Shannon makes in house marketing easy for anyone to conquer.

You should know that Shannon looks outside the box and is therefor able to pinpoint what you need. There are fundamental things every business needs for success and then there is what makes your business YOURS. Shannon will exemplify the mission of your business and teach you how to have control on how, when and to whom you market.
— Danica Kalemdaroglu, Owner