Richmond Integrative Psychiatric & Nutrition Services

My biggest challenge before working with Shannon was feeling confused about how to target my marketing efforts.  I had all of these different tools to use to market to current and potential clients (facebook, instagram, Mailchimp, email, website) but had no idea how to use them effectively to get my message out .  I was also hearing too often from new patients “you are hard to find...I had no idea there was a practice like this in Richmond.” So I knew that something wasn’t working—I just didn’t know where or how to start. I needed a marketing strategy so that I could target my time and resources effectively.  I also didn’t know how to connect to my audience the way I needed to—in the language that they would understand and in terms that resonate with them. 

I feel like I get what marketing is now and I know now how to tie all of the different tools together to get my message out so that it is not only concise but also compelling.  I’ve learned so much working with Shannon about how to connect to my audience and more specifically who my audience is. My staff has also really enjoyed working with Shannon because she has taught us that marketing can be fun and because of that we have all been able to tap into our creative sides a little more!  We have definitely felt like there is more of a buzz about the practice in Richmond since working with Shannon and we are definitely getting more of the clients we want to work with coming through the door.  

What I think is the most important thing a person should know about working with Shannon is that she is not going to do it for them—she is going to coach them and teach them about marketing for their business and that is infinitely more valuable than “doing” their marketing for them. I think people who want to work with Shannon should be prepared to put the time and energy into learning and doing the things she suggests because they will get so much more out of their experience that way.  They should also just know that Shannon is totally awesome— working with her has definitely been one of THE best investments in my business EVER.  
— Ashley Mannell, RD, NP, Practice Owner